We Are the Future: Vocational training and socio-economic inclusion of young people, women and the disabled in Lebanon and Jordan

Location: Akkar and North Lebanon
Lead partner: ARCS
Donor: AICS
Partners: LPHU, AIDOS, Ricerca & Cooperation
Duration: June 2017 – September, 2018
Budget: 102,017 €
Grant: 102,017 €

The initiative aims to organize at least 36 training courses and traineeships for 620 vulnerable Lebanese, Jordanians and Syrians, including women and the disabled, in Lebanon (Akkar and Bekaa) and in Jordan (Irbid and Ajloun) in the agro-food, construction and environment sectors.


The general objective was to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups of the local population and male and female Syrian refugees in Jordan

Specific objective: Stimulate local economic development by strengthening the capacity of vulnerable Lebanese and Syrians to work in Lebanon

Description of Mada’s activities:

The short-term session includes:
– 30 days of courses (theoretical and practical)
– 20 days of apprenticeship
– Implementation of 12 short term vocational training sessions
– 3 cycles of Forest pruning (Fneideq, Hrar, Beit Ayoub)
– 3 cycles of phone maintenance
– 3 cycles of landscaping and flowers arrangement
– 2 cycles of post-harvest
– 1 cycle of forest management


243 youths aged 15 to 25