Cooperation and Dialogue for Peace with Municipalities and Lebanese And Syrian Youth

Duration: 16-months project

Donor: The French Embassy in Beirut – Fonds Social de Développement and Caritas-Luxembourg

Targeted Groups: 100 young Lebanese and Syrians from 5 villages, 30 local committee members.

Location: Akkar, Lebanon


The cooperation of the Syrian and Lebanese youth living in 5 villages of Akkar, in close collaboration with the concerned municipalities, to relieve tensions and contribute to a peaceful environment, while also playing an active role in local development.


Establishing 5 local project steering committees including municipalities and mobilizing 100 active young Lebanese and Syrians, by training them to acquire conflict management and communication skills; organizing team buildings sessions (e.g. cultural activities, first aid trainings) and supporting them to plan and implement micro-projects for the benefit of the village communities.


– Meetings with 5 municipalities for presentation of the project objectives and activities.
– Meetings with local stakeholders to mobilize them for the success of the project.
– Identification of 30 active members (6 per village) and establishment of a Support Committee for the youth of each village.
– Monthly meetings of Support Committee.
– Mobilization of 100 young Syrians and Lebanese and creation of 5 youth groups in 5 villages.
– Sessions on communication techniques and conflict resolution.
– Sessions for the selection of collective activities in coordination with Support Committee.
– Collective activities conducted: hikes in nature ad graffiti art.