Distribution of Food Baskets and Hygiene Kits to Vulnerable Families in Beirut (Lebanon)

Location: Great Beirut

Donors: Generalitat Valenciana, Xunta, Terrassa, Farmamundi, COOPI, CCFD-Terre solidaire

Duration: October 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020


Generalitat Valenciana: 33,125 €

Xunta: 6,000 €

Terrassa: 3,850 €

Farmamundi: 2,275€

COOPI: 2,000 €

CCFD-Terre solidaire: 8,000 €


Since October 2019, Lebanon faced a severe financial crisis that has major repercussions on the real economy and has led to numerous closure of businesses letting thousands of hundreds without jobs (estimation of more than 200,000 jobs destroyed between November 2019 et January 2020). The covid19 crisis further exacerbates the crisis. The Lebanese pound officially pegged to the American dollar has lost 80% of its value on the black market whereas banks have stopped allowing foreign currency withdrawals. This led to a high inflation, as Lebanon imports around 80% of its consumption, reducing furthermore households’ purchasing power. The lack of safety nets The World Bank estimated that around 45% of the population was living under the poverty line.


to provide food baskets and hygiene kits for 350 vulnerable families during 3 months


– Finalization of the selection of the 350 highly vulnerable households
=> Main criteria are: income, access to other services or support, other vulnerabilities (chronic diseases, disability among the household)
– Distribution of food baskets and hygiene kits (350)
– Distribution of weekly fresh produce baskets (250*12 weeks)


350 households around 1,400 persons