Territorial Approach and Community Mobilization - Education

Combining forces to build a peaceful, supportive, and child-friendly learning environment for children in Upper Akkar





May to December 2011




122 boys and girls, 85 parents and their 382 children, 77 teachers, 21 deputy class representatives and 39 members of the 2 student councils.


Save the Children Sweden



Akkar (Mishmish, Hrar)



In 2011, Mada decided to get involved in the establishment of a peaceful, motivating and child-friendly learning environment in Upper Akkar, specifically in Mishmishand Hrar, in continuity with projects developed in the past. This project aimed to break existing silence between the main actors in the field education, in the context of fighting violence and school dropout rates.



  • Organization of 15 classroom activities about psychology, including exercises to encourage self-expression and reflection and stimulate better communication between students and teachers,
  • Organization of individual counseling sessions for at-risk families and students.



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