Platform for change

Since 2005, Mada offers a platform for initiatives in need of support to grow independently under an organized, transparent and professional structure. The platform particularly enables young motivated people, or small CBOs and NGOs, to develop projects while benefiting from Mada's institutional capacity to develop ideas while maintaining their independence. The platform has received many of demands, especially during and after the 2006 war. Platform projects are not limited to Mada's usual territorial focus, but also take place in regions throughout Lebanon.

Mada is currently offering two types of support:

  • Expertise and consultancy in development for NGOs which have been approved to receive funding directly from sponsors, and
  • Expertise and consultancy for projects developed by groups which do not yet have the capability to receive funding directly from sponsors. In this case, Mada itself presents the projects to the funders and guaranties financial and administrative assistance while offering the group the possibility to manage the project independently based on a clear MOU.

Download Mada's guidelines for NGOs from here

Highlighted Projects